Samson & Delilah | A new film by Warwick Thornton | In Cinemas from May 7

Behind the scenes

Warwick's Original Script

Warwick's script

Warwick's original handwritten pages that later became Samson & Delilah. (Sorry about Warwick's spelling. Stay cool in school kids.)

The Art Department

Art Department

Production design department showing off their skills with computers and all that. Some locations, builds, soft sticks and other fascinating stuff.

The Shooting Script

Shooting script

When shooting we had one script on set that was nicknamed "The Bible" - here are some pages, dirt and all. It's got Warwick's shot list scribbles, continuity notes, drawings and bits of Delilah's real hair.

Behind the Scenes: Mums

Kath and Warwick's mums make their big screen debut in Samson & Delilah.

"Not Rocket"

Rowan enjoys the glamorous life of a movie star by carrying a dead kangaroo on his back. Samson is off to impress his girl and her nana!


Rocket the kangaroo makes a cameo in Samson & Delilah. (We think Rocket is so much better than skippy.)

Behind the Scenes: Bashed Up

Warwick directs Rowan in the scene after Samson gets bashed up and Carol the makeup artist gets creative with fake blood.

Behind the Scenes: Blood

Makeup artist Carol Cameron applies Rowan's special FX makeup for the first time.

Ask Warwick: Why does Samson wear a Birthday Party t-shirt?

From the very first draft of the script, Samson put on a t-shirt from the band Birthday Party when he gets dressed to go and see Delilah. In pre-production, the costumer Heather Wallace made a t-shirt to Warwick's specifications -- one that he remembered having as a teenager. It was only then that Warwick told us the story of that t-shirt.


One week until we start shooting and Warwick takes Marissa and Rowan to the community location of Jay Creek to rehearse.